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Who determines listing price?

In getting ready to sell your home, one of this first steps to take is to set the asking price. Setting the price takes a lot of thought and data to strike the perfect balance to attract strong offers and reach the ultimate goal of getting top dollar for your home.

Who Determines Listing Price

You might be asking, how do I get this data to determine the correct listing price? And in fact, who determines listing price? While there are great sites out there like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, etc., none replaces the value that a Realtor can provide to you. At the end of the day, there are different opinions of what price your home might be worth, but it comes down to how much a buyer is willing to pay at a given time (Fair Market Value).

 If you are considering selling your home fast, contact us today and we can help you to be sure your home is priced correctly. Greenville, SC real estate is currently in a strong sellers market, due to low inventory and properties incorrectly priced to sell in todays market. When we meet you at your home we will have done the research and can show you a competitive market analysis (CMA) so that you can see what we believe the fair market value of your home is. The CMA takes diligent research to pull prices of similar homes and give you the clearest idea of what range you should expect for offers on your home.

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“Our Greenville, SC real estate market is incredibly strong right now,” said Brian Hardyman, listing specialist for the Ashley Lewis Team, Keller Williams. “This is an excellent time for sellers to sell, gain their equity, and with great interest rates to put that equity to work in another home.”

We always recommend an appraisal on the front end of our listing consultation. They are more neutral than we or the seller can be to to determine the true value of the property and thus help to set the framework for the listing price. We are careful not to share our range or ideas with them and see what value they come back with. Generally the asking price will be 1-3% above appraisal so we have room for negotiations, etc. In addition to the appraisal we pay for a stager and a professional photographer to go through all of our listings, no exceptions!

The Greater Greenville Association of Realtors sold on average at 96% of list price on listings in 2013, but the Ashley Lewis Team of Keller Williams Realty is one of the leaders in our industry by selling at an average of over 98% of list price during 2013. This meant the sellers that partnered with the Ashley Lewis Team saw an average of 2% increase compared to others agents in our market.

Our team, appraiser, and stager, will help you point out the advantages and disadvantages of your home as you may not have thought about, because sometimes you’re too close to the house and not as objective as others.

Who Determines Listing Price - Ashley Lewis Team

The power of the team working together will definitely help you accomplish your goal of selling your home fast. Don’t just take my word for it. This is what one of our recent sellers said about me and our team:

“Ashley is just a 5 star Realtor in ALL aspects of the business! He sold our home in what had to be record time and we didn’t have to settle on any aspect of the transaction. We cannot thank Ashley enough for his top notch services, unsurpassed knowledge, and friendly advice along the way. We couldn’t have done this without him… and that is truly the case!”

Who Determines Listing Price

So who determines listing price? You and I do, but after we arm ourselves with all the knowledge so that you can sell your home fast and for the most money possible. So while some sellers think that they should be entitled to stick any price tag on their listing, it really pays to know that who determines listing price, shouldbe the product of a highly onformed decision with expert input.

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Who Determines Listing Price