Listing a Vacant Home Greenville SC Real Estate 864.334.8690

Listing a Vacant Home Greenville SC Real Estate 864.334.8690

If you are thinking about selling your vacant home in Greenville SC, the Ashley Lewis Team at Keller Williams is the agent to choose to sell your home fast and for top dollar.  The average number of days in Greenville, SC a homeowner can expect for their home to sell is 89.  However, if you list your home with the Ashley Lewis Team you will be making a wise decision, because the average number of days the homes listed with the Ashley Lewis Team is 43 days.

listing vacant home

Listing Vacant Home

If your home is vacant there are a few things to consider: insurance, staging, securing, and maintaining.  Homeowner’s policies could change if you no longer live in the home. It is important for you to let your insurance company know you will be moving out, because they will advise you on what precautions to take before leaving your home. Staging a home is wise because it gives the impression the home is not necessarily vacant, gives the home some warmth and life, and rooms always look smaller if there is not furniture placed in the room.  Another thing to consider is securing your home. If your home is vacant and people learn no one is living in the home you could run the risk of someone trying to live in your home or vandalize it.  Finally, you still need to maintain your home: lawn maintenance, cleaning, checking on water pipes, etc. These are items that the Ashley Lewis Team in Greenville, SC can help a homeowner with by scheduling companies to come out to maintain the home.

So when you sell your vacant home in Greenville, SC, choose the Ashley Lewis Team at Keller Williams to list your property!

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