First Impression Should Be Impressive Greenville SC Home 864.334.8690

First Impression Should be Impressive Greenville SC Home 864.334.8690.

Curb appeal plays a vital role in selling your home. Yes, it’s the first impression and first impressions are important! In the Greenville, SC real estate market there are plenty of fixer-upper homes that don’t have curb appeal, but those homes will not necessarily attract buyers willing to pay full-value. If your goal is to get the most return on your investment, then you should improve the curb appeal of your home. Putting effort into curb appeal not only brings a higher price point, but also brings a faster sale. KW research shows that sellers who enhanced their curb appeal sold their homes an average of 7 days faster than those who did not.

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Curb appeal may be the first and only aspect of your home that gets a buyer’s attention. Many buyers today spend hours shopping for houses online. They are likely using websites designed to narrow their search to reveal houses only in a particular price range, or location, etc., but even then, there are probably hundreds of images and homes that come dancing across their computer screens. If each home has just one image that pops up in that original search, what is likely to be featured in that one picture? The outside of the home. That’s right. The outside of your home may be the factor determining if someone decides to click to see more about your home, or moves on to another home without giving yours a second thought.

What will make them stop and consider your home? What will make your home stand out among the flood of houses in the Greenville, SC real estate market? How will that first picture capture someone’s attention? Curb appeal. Of course curb appeal is not the only factor that may attract a buyer to your home, but it is a big factor, especially in today’s market that is driven by online searches. The listing department of the Ashley Lewis Team would love to help advise you on how to enhance your curb appeal. Watch this short video for a visual explanation.

Curb appeal encompasses everything from the house itself to the property around it. For instance, you may have the most delightful home, but if it is hidden behind large bushes or trees, no one will ever see your home! A good first step in improving curb appeal is to trim back or replace surrounding greenery so that you home appears in good light. Buyer’s are not looking for an overgrown jungle dwelling! Your home should have exterior wall and roof space that is free to stand in the sunlight. Greenery and flowers around your home are appropriate and good, but they should not cover windows or large wall spaces. On the contrary, they should provide accents that draw attention to the nice features of your home, such as the porch, or the front door. Once the landscaping against the house is in order and the house is nicely visible, turn your attention to improving what you can see of the house. Does the front door need to be repainted? Do the siding and windows need to be cleaned? Do the gutters need to be replaced? Once the house itself is looking presentable, broaden your focus and begin fixing up the yard and landscaping so that your property looks good all the way to the road. Plant some grass in bare spots, put new mulch down, add a flower bed around a prominent tree, put in a new mailbox, etc.

There are many simple improvements that you can make to your home and property to enhance the curb appeal. Your efforts will not be in vain in the Greenville, SC real estate market. Get the most money for your house. Sell it faster. Start with curb appeal!

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