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Home values are on the rise! In our Greenville, SC real estate market we are seeing prices go up on a regular basis, which is great news for sellers. In 2013, our local market saw a 3% rise in average purchase price from 2012.  Our inventory has fallen from nearly 9 months of supply to below 7 months as of February 2014. This really is an incredible time to sell your home in the Upstate. If you are interested in selling, contact the Ashley Lewis Team today!

If you haven’t checked on the value of your home recently you should. There are several sites that will give you an instant analysis of your home based on algorithms. Brian Hardyman, Listing Specialist for the Ashley Lewis team says, “I wouldn’t trust an automated value as the final end all to what your home is worth. I would instead focus on finding a professional who knows the market and can do the research.” To find out your market value we determine what a qualified and ready buyer is willing to pay. This takes several steps beyond putting a sign in the yard. I always recommend having an agent and an appraiser help you understanding the value of your Greenville, SC home. greenville house value

Keep in mind, I personally wouldn’t trust the online sources exclusively as they simply are plugging you into a system and telling you a price; whereas a professional does much more than merely crunch numbers. You might be asking what does a professional offer that these sites do not? Glad you asked…

Greenville House Value

By calling a  listing specialists or an appraiser, you will…

1. Get the accurate square footage. It is uncommon for tax records to be correct. Square footage is crucial to understanding the value of your home!

2. Get a professional to look at the condition of the home, upgrades of the home, additions on the exterior or yard, etc. An online algorithm simply can’t do ANY of those.

3. Get an understanding of current trends to determine price. This could be something as simple as neighborhood conditions, school rezoning, and so much more.

4. Find out what what you can do to increase the value of your home. A website can’t do that.

In a time where we are all plugged into the digital world, we have to remember that no website can replace the value of a local professional in determining your Greenville, SC home value.

We’d love for you to fill out our form on Greenville House Value. It will go directly to our listing department at the Ashley Lewis Team. You won’t get an instant valuation because we want to personally pull the information and compare it with our local market conditions and provide an analysis for you. We typically get those back to you within a 48 hours.

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